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Flora Foods

Almond m*lk 350g

Almond m*lk 350g

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Flora Foods Almond m*lk base is for all those folks who love the creamy feel and flavour of freshly made Almond Milk!

Make in bulk to store in the fridge or take it with you to work, camping, wherever! 

M*lk blends really well in a frother, blender or mini whiz stick, for all those frothy hot drink lovers out there... this is the one!

m*lk is: Refined sugar-free ・ Gluten-free ・ Dairy-free ・ Preservative free ・ GMO-free ・ Crap free ・ Vegan

✦ One 350gm jar makes 12 litres of m*lk at $2.80 per litre.

✦ Keep well sealed and store in a cool dry place

✦ Contains Tree Nuts


Insecticide Free Almonds, Macadamia Oil*, Sunflower Lecithin*, Murray River Salt. *Certified Organic

How to Use or Serving Suggestions

Toss 2 tablespoons of m*lk and 1 litre of water in a blender, then blend for one minute. Voila, it’s m*lk. Add crum., drown cereal, make a smoothie, or drink on its own.

Alternatively add half a teaspoon to your hot brew. This blends really well with a mini whiz stick, it goes so creamy and delish! Make sure that your water level is 1/4 full so when you whiz, the drink stays contained.

Can also be added to frother of your choice!

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