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Pine Needle Tea

Pine Needle Tea

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Pine needle extract is one of the most potent antioxidants known to man.

This powerful super food should be in everybody’s kitchen arsenal! These needles are 100% organic, hand foraged and wild harvested, AUTHENTIC (pinus strobus) from the forests of North America.

The abilities of Pine needles are due in part to the content of Vitamin C + shikimic acid (shikimate) contained within them.

Pine needles are said to contain between 3 – 5 times the Vitamin C content of a large orange!

Shikimic acid or Shikimate is another exciting metabolite found within Pine needles. This compound is one of the main ingredients used to create the cold/flu medication Tamiflu. It originates from Chinese star anise where it was first isolated for medical use in the 1800’s. Shikimic Acid can be found in Pine, Fir, Spruce and Cedar needles, although recent studies suggest that the strongest dose is found in  Eastern White Pine needles (pinus strobus) and contains a higher, more potent concentration of this acid than the original source, star anise. 


Organic Wild Harvested Eastern White Pine Needles (pinus strobus)

How to Use or Serving Suggestions

Steep 1 teaspoon in freshly boiled water for 10-15 minutes. sweeten with honey if desired.

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